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2D Comedy Sample (Rough Pass) - It's Pony 'Annie-versary' (Pizzaversary)

In season 1 of It's Pony, storyboards were divided between two artists. The first would work up a rough Pass 1 and Pass 2. After approval it would go to the second artist for the clean pass. I was charged with producing the two rough passes, working closely with Phil Brooks the Story director to plus the gags and tweak the story beats.

When Pony celebrates a special day, Annie needs to figure out what's so special about it.

Script written by Adam Long, Additional writing by Charlie Higson, Story Supervisor Phil Brooks, Storyboard by Hugh La Terriere and Denzel De Meerleer, Directed by Ant Blades.

Opening Scene

Pony completely confuses Annie by waking her up with a pizza for a 'special aninversary'.

Bureaucrats Office Scene

On his quest to discover what gift Annie suposedly got for him on their 'special aniversary', Pony's finds himself causing havok in a bureaucrats office.

Planning, Notes and Thumbnails

Final Episode Snapshot

2D Comedy Sample (Clean Pass) - It's Pony 'Henrietta the Psychic'

In contrast to season 1, season 2 storyboards were cast to a single artists doing passes 1, 2 and clean-up.

'When Henrietta predicts that Pony will mess up Annie's attempt to win a contest, Pony comes to believe she's a psychic.'

Written by Howard Read, Visual Story Supervisor Charlie Higson, Storyboard Supervisor David Stoten, Storyboard by Hugh La Terriere, Directed by Ant Blades and Claire Underwood

Notes & Thumbnails

Shot Planning

2D Action Sample (Storyboard Test) - Incredible Ant 'The Beast of Trash Mountain'

'Xiao Yi sets out on his first location to find the villain who took Thunder. He runs into an electric beetle named Rhino, and after defeating him in a long fight, he ends up becoming Yi's master.'

A storyboard test I did for 'Incredible Ant' back in winter 2018/19. I remember pouring my guts into this over Christmas/New year and for whatever reason the showrunner didn't feel I was a good fit for the show. I couldn't help but feel gutted that I missed out on the gig but that's the way it goes sometimes.'

Storyboard by Hugh La Terriere.

CG Pre-school Sample - Floogals 'Project Owl'

'When Boomer hears a mysterious hoot-hoot noise in the middle of the night, the Floogals set out on an adventure to discover what this new animal could be...'

Written by Lee Walters, Storyboard by Hugh La Terriere, Animatic editing by - Graham Silcock, Directed by Ruth Ducker.

3D Sets built in Blender

While working on Floogals I made it my mission to learn as much as I could about 3D/CG. With the combination of live action filming and CG animation it was vitally important to get the right sense of 3D space into the storyboards. While on set I took measurements of the building and garden and constructed low poly sets and props to import into Storyboard Pro.

2D Comedy Sample (Clean) - Mr Bean: The Animated Series 'Mobile Home'

'Miss Wince takes Mrs Wicket on holiday in her brand-new caravan. Mr Bean is left behind, who then decides to build his own caravan instead.'

Clean storyboard for Mr Bean: The Animated Series -'Mobile Home'.